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Stop Senate Bill 1564

An amended SB 1564 bill has been passed in both the Illinois House and Senate, and is on its way to Governor Rauner to be signed into law. This bill requires individuals and organizations to refer abortion-seeking clients to abortion facilities, challenging rights of conscience which have protected individuals and organizations previously. It affects every pregnancy resource center, even those that exist to offer women alternatives to abortion. Christians wishing to make their voice heard on this issue are encouraged to read the information provided by Illinois Right to Life (there is a petition that can be signed), or compose an email to Governor Rauner at the Illinois Family Institute website. You also may call the Governor’s office today at 217-782-0244 in Springfield or 312-814-2121 in Chicago. Let his office know that you oppose this legislation and request that he VETO SB 1564.

President Gilbert is encouraging all to take a serious look at this and respond to the Governor.

Follow this link to sign the petition against SB 1564

Follow this link to compose an email to Governor Rauner

This link gives more information and actions you can take.  Individuals can sign a petition or contact their state representative to encourage voting “no” to this bill, or take other action:  http://illinoisrighttolife.org/protectmyconscience/