Zion Lutheran Church – Hinsdale, IL


Over 100 years ago, Zion Lutheran Church in Hinsdale, Illinois purchase five (5) acres of land on the northern outskirts of the town, later to be incoroporated into the village of Oak Brook. This land was purchased for the purpose of creating a cemetery so that one’s departed loved ones and visitors may await the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in a beautiful and serene setting.

The grounds of the cemetery are well maintained by the church’s MOL’s (Men of Leisure), a group of retired or semi-retired men from the church who spend their Thursday mornings during good weather caring for the cemetery.

The park like grounds with ample amount of benches are visited regularly by friends and relation of the deceased as well as the neighbors of the cemetery who love to stroll through the cemetery and watch the deer, squirrel, and owl that inhabit it.

The cemetery records showing who owns what grave site or who is buried where have been put on the computer with each member of the board having a copy. Any board member would be happy to assist in locating a certain grave site for a person. Locating a resting place of a long lost relative may in many instances be done over the phone.

Procedures for many of the tasks needed to run a cemetery have also been written and incorporated into a ‘Working Manual’. These procedures are reviewed during the winter months and amended as necessary. This is done so that a person can rest assured that the cemetery will continue to be a place where one may be proud to have the internment of loved ones.

The cemetary is located at 301 Glendale Road, Oak Brook, IL 60523. Click here for map: http://goo.gl/maps/ka5u

If you have any questions on the awaiting second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ as stated in the first paragraph, feel free to contact Phil Albert (Chairman of the Cemetery Board) at 630-964-5993 or the Church’s office at 630-323-0384.

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